How to fix the problem with the new NFL playoff games

The first round of the NFL playoffs is set for Sunday and the first of three games between the two teams will be decided by the score of one possession.

There is nothing you can do about it, and it will be up to the players to make up their minds.

It is a fact of life in this league.

It will happen.

And it will not change the game.

There will be no replay in this game.

So the question is, can we really trust that the players in this room will be willing to play through this?

And I would argue that they can.

But that is not the only question.

Can we trust them?

The issue comes from the fact that the NFL, in the past, has allowed teams to use “dead ball” rules in order to force the teams to play on a “win-or-go-home” basis.

These rules essentially allow the opposing team to force overtime.

The league has also allowed teams the option to use the same rules to force them to play.

In the past two seasons, the New England Patriots have used these “dead balls” in three consecutive playoff games, forcing the Pittsburgh Steelers to win overtime in each game, forcing Denver to win the Super Bowl and forcing the Indianapolis Colts to win Super Bowl XLVII in overtime.

These rules were implemented by the NFL to try to slow down the Patriots and Steelers in the AFC title game.

The rules were so strict that the Patriots had to use an illegal substitution at halftime of the AFC championship game against the New York Jets in 2016.

The NFL is allowing teams to force a game on a tie game.

And this season, the Steelers have used the “deadball” rules against the Patriots.

The idea behind the rules was to force teams to be on the same page when it came to the decision about whether or not to play in overtime or not.

They would have to understand the Steelers’ plans and make sure that their own game plan didn’t change in order for the game to go to overtime.

And if the Steelers lost to the Patriots, they would have the game decided by a touchdown or tie.

The problem is that the Steelers are actually on the wrong side of the coin.

They have the Steelers playing in a divisional game and the Patriots playing in the divisional matchup.

The Patriots will likely be favored in their home matchup against the Indianapolis Colt’s.

This game could have a significant impact on the NFL playoff picture, particularly if there is a tie between the Patriots or Steelers.

There are two problems with these rules.

First, there is no guarantee that teams in the same division will be playing in this week’s games.

The AFC South is a bit of a dead-zone.

The second problem with these dead ball rules is that they do not apply to teams that are playing in other divisions.

The divisional matchups for the two AFC South teams are scheduled for the first three weeks of the regular season, so the two divisional games will not be scheduled at the same time.

This will likely lead to some problems for teams in other conferences as well.

The other issue with these “Dead Ball” rules is the possibility that teams will play “live” in these games.

For example, the Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs both have scheduled games this week.

The Dolphins are scheduled to play the Buffalo Bills at 9:30 p.m.

ET on Monday, while the Chiefs are scheduled Sunday night to play at 6:00 p.d. on CBS.

So the games could get canceled early if they are played live.

In this case, the Patriots could potentially get the ball and start the game on the first drive of overtime.

In all three games, the teams will face off in an overtime situation.

Both teams will have the opportunity to make a call on the play and then the two-minute warning will be given.

If a player does not call the penalty, the game will be a tie.

This is not a problem for the Patriots because the “Deadball” rule has been used before in other scenarios.

Last season, there was a tie in the second half between the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, and the Seahawks won the game by a score of 28-17.

So this season is likely going to be decided on the field.

However, the problem is if a team is playing in their own division and a tie situation occurs between the teams, the winner of the tie game could potentially decide the outcome of the game in overtime for that team.

For example, this could happen in the 2017 AFC championship matchup between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Revolution.

The Steelers are scheduled against the Ravens on Sunday night.

The Ravens are scheduled in the first half of the playoff game.

In overtime, if the Patriots win the game, they will have to decide who plays the game at home.

If the Patriots lose, the team with the first-and-goal at the Pittsburgh 30-yard line could be awarded the

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