Why you should be scared of a Trump presidency and what to do about it

A few months ago, the world was watching as Trump announced that he was running for president, a bold, even risky move that would have set off the biggest global political crisis since the end of World War II.

The president-elect’s popularity in many countries surged.

But then, on December 1, the US president announced that there would be no new tax cuts, a decision that shocked the world, especially those in the wealthiest countries of the world.

It took until January 20 for the country to enact its own version of the American health care law, which would have given millions of Americans coverage for the first time in over a decade.

By then, Trump had already set in motion the most radical overhaul of US policy in decades, and his first month in office was filled with turmoil, threats and chaos.

On top of all that, Trump, in an interview with Fox News, was heard bragging about sexual assault allegations against him.

He’s since been impeached and has faced multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

At the same time, his presidency has also created a political landscape that is at odds with the values of the country and the world at large.

Trump is a man who seems to be capable of changing the world for the better, and yet at the same moment, the country is in chaos.

The political landscape in America is not in any way a normal one.

It is not a normal year for the United States.

In the past year, there have been major political crises, economic shocks and political fights that have shaped the course of history.

What is a normal political year for a president-for-president?

What is the American political landscape like today?

The US is not at a normal point in history.

Trump has been president for about three months.

He won the 2016 election with a plurality of votes, but the Electoral College and the popular vote were both less than half the total number of states and Washington, D.C., that would elect a president.

Trump’s party has held control of the House for more than three years, and in 2017, Trump won the popular votes by nearly 2 million more votes than the 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency.

The Republican-controlled Congress has controlled both chambers of Congress for the past two years, but this is not normal.

It’s also not normal for a presidential candidate to win a landslide victory in a state that the national popular vote gave him, given that the Electoral Colleges electoral votes count toward the presidency, and the president- for-president has only been president of the United Kingdom for two months.

That’s not to say that the political landscape hasn’t changed in the United State in the past 24 months.

There have been many waves of major events, such as the election of Trump and the election by the House of Representatives of a far-right member of the Republican Party.

There were also waves of events that have shaken the global economy, like the Brexit referendum and the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

But it is not unusual for a candidate to lose the popular support of the people of a particular country in a particular year, and for a political party to lose power at the national level and be replaced by a new one.

Trump, of course, has been able to win over his core supporters.

He has been an enthusiastic champion of American nationalism, a nationalist who has made his mark on the White House.

He also has an affinity for populism, a populist who often uses populist rhetoric and is willing to take on powerful political institutions.

This combination has made Trump the most powerful man in America since the rise of the Nazi Party in the 1930s.

Trump was elected to the White and has been in office for less than two months, but he has already been the most successful president in US history.

His policies have been very unpopular with many people in the country, including with many Republicans.

He is unpopular with Democrats, too.

Trump had an easy path to the presidency because of his ability to win votes from people who did not share his values.

But if he loses his base, his policies will become less popular with voters, especially among those who have been marginalized by the political establishment.

He may also face a backlash from the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party has not only failed to win back any seats in the House in 2018, but it has also failed to retain the White Houses majority in the Senate and, ultimately, in the US Congress.

It was not easy for Democrats to hold the Senate, either.

Democratic candidates have failed to hold on to seats in Congress, but they also have not been able, at this point, to win state legislatures, and their candidates have struggled to win any major legislative victories.

The Democrats are now facing a difficult political problem.

They can either attempt to win more seats in state legislatures or they can try to make the US more like Europe, the way they have managed the Brexit negotiations and the Paris Climate Agreement.

If the Democrats

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