A ‘trick’ for tricking you into clicking on malware website script

By TechRadars Staff WriterThe latest malware threat alert has been issued by researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and Carnegie Mellon University.

They say a ‘trickle-down’ technique was used to install malware onto users computers.

This particular malware attack is one of several, and one of the largest, of its kind that researchers have uncovered, the researchers warn.

It targets a remote server that hosts the WordPress WordPress theme that is popular in China.

This website is also used by thousands of users around the world, as well as many of the major web hosting providers.

The researchers say that when users click on a link to download a file or a file from the infected site, the malware is injected into their system and the backdoor is installed.

They also found that a backdoor was installed by the attackers, using the WordPress plugin.

The malware, called WordPress Backdoor, can be installed in just a few minutes, and is only detectable if users go to the wrong page and click on the wrong link, according to the researchers.

The malware can then install itself and run the backdoor.

The WordPress Backdoors exploit is one in a growing number of recent attacks that infect computers using malicious code, a security researcher said.

Earlier this week, researchers at cybersecurity firm ESET released a report showing that a new malware variant that uses a ‘pseudo’ certificate to trick users into clicking onto malware website scripts is increasingly prevalent.

In a report published on Tuesday, researchers from ESET said they detected another ‘fake’ malware variant, known as ‘Zeus’, using the same method and that the new variant is more widespread than previously thought.

The new Zeus variant is also a bit more sophisticated than the previous one, the report found.

The latest ‘fake Zeus’ variant was detected in April 2017, and was discovered after researchers at security firm CrowdStrike uncovered a large number of new attacks using the Zeus malware.

The new Zeus malware is also being used by Chinese and Russian cybercriminals.

The threat actors behind Zeus are targeting the Chinese and Japanese cybercrime gangs.

The research has also found a new variant of Zeus that uses an old exploit known as Zeus-V that was used by the Chinese government, according the researchers from CrowdStrike.

This version of Zeus was discovered by researchers at Symantec in 2016, but only recently has it been publicly known.

The Symantech researchers also found another variant of the Zeus-X variant that they said is used by cybercrimins to steal money and other valuable data from victims, according Symantek.

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