What’s wrong with StackOverflow’s ‘advertising script’

Posted by Mike Masnick at 12:20:02This script is currently the only PHP script running on StackOverstack, and it seems to be doing pretty well for itself.

As of the time of writing, it is currently ranked 4th on the list of most popular PHP scripts.

In addition to the ads, the script uses PHP to collect data on users who visit the site, and collects that data to generate a new page every time the user visits a different page.

The script also uses this information to generate “predictive ads,” which will run if the site is visited by someone who is also visiting it.

The scripts is running on the official StackOverflop forums, which we’re told are still active.

StackOverboard has not responded to a request for comment.

As a result, we’re unsure how the script is able to keep up with traffic on the site.

According to a StackOvertheshow user who has logged into the site over the past few days, the site was down for a while.

That user says that the site has not been up since March, but he’s been getting traffic through the official forums since then.

The site appears to be back up now, but the site’s traffic has dropped off significantly.

StackOverflow is a platform for creating, managing, and sharing web content, and there’s a good chance that the script may be a way for the site to monetize.

That could be a problem, however, if it was able to collect this information and make the ads it uses for generating those ads.

The site has also been the target of a number of complaints, including one that claims that StackOverboards ads are “too much like spam.”

The company has also had to respond to a complaint about the ads.

According to a response to the complaint, “We have no control over the content that appears in these advertisements and have no involvement in the selection process.”

The company has not addressed whether the ads are generated by the script itself, or whether they’re run on behalf of StackOverFlow.

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