How to Write a Python Script in PHP (Part II)

The second part of the tutorial will focus on writing a Python script in PHP.

This part will be a bit different from the first part because we will be using the PhpStorm IDE to create our scripts.

If you have already done so, you can skip ahead to the next part.

In the first article, we wrote a Python 3 script that would make the website load a list of recipes and create a new recipe.

In this part, we are going to write our own script that will generate a new list of all the recipes and then list them.

We will do this in PHP, so if you are not familiar with PHP, I suggest reading this article.

If we want to create the list of cookbooks in the Phish cookbook database, we need to be able to do that in Python.

Let’s start with the code.

We’ll write a simple function that takes a list and returns a list.

The first argument of this function is a list, which is just the list itself.

So, we just have to make sure that the list we want is in our list.

Finally, we will return a list that contains the recipes we want.

We can see that our function has one more thing in it.

It returns a dict containing the names of all recipes in the database.

Let us take a look at the function.

The last line in our function tells us which dict it is returning.

The dict is just a reference to the list.

Let me show you the list, as well.

The ingredients_list function is the function that returns the list containing the ingredients.

This function is called when we call the get_cookbook() function.

Let the reader follow along with this code: def get_food_list(list): soup = [(‘potato’, ‘soup’), (‘rice’, ‘rice’), (‘bread’, ‘bread’), (‘cauliflower’, ‘cauli’, ‘frozen chicken’), (‘mushrooms’, ‘mushroom’)] recipes = [] for recipe in soup: recipes.append(recipe[‘name’]) recipe[‘name’] = recipe[‘cookbook’] return recipes def getcookbook(): soup = [‘potato’], rice = [‘rice’], bread = [‘caulis’], mushrooms = [‘mushroes’] for recipe, ingredient in getcooker.cookbooks(): print recipe[‘Name’], ingredient[‘Name’] recipe = cookbook() ingredients_lists = [] return getcookborders() print soup, rice, bread, mushrooms print print ‘The ingredients lists are as follows:’ print soup[‘Name’:’, soup[‘Cookbook’]] print ‘And now the recipes:’ print soup.get_cookbooks() print ‘There were:’ soup.list_cooks() print recipes print print print The code is fairly self-explanatory.

You can read it in the source code on GitHub.

Next, let’s write our Python script.

In Python, the code is very simple.

We just need to import the module that will be used to make our Python scripts.

Let there be a module named that will contain the code to create a Python shell.

So far, I have only used the import statement to import a module, but that is not the only way to import code.

There are many other ways.

Let our module define a function that will return the name of the module it was imported into.

For our example, let us just define the function as follows: import module shell = py.load( ‘’ ) # import a function import phish module phish import py module phi import phi shell.__init__() We can also import a list or dict.

For example, we can define our shell function like so: import shell import py import py_init__ def shell(list, dict): soup, rices = [[‘potato’] for soup in list] for recipe , ingredient in soup.items(): print item[‘Name’, ingredient[‘Cook Book’]) return item[‘Cook Books’][‘Cook Book’] def getcategories(): for item in list: categories = [item] if categories[0].lower() in [‘cookbook’, ‘recipe’] and category[0] in [[‘cookbooks’, ‘cookbook’]]: return categories[1] If you are using Python 2.7 or later, you will find that you can also use a module to define a Python function.

So long as you use the same module name, it is safe to import it and it will not be hard to change the module to take on different names later.

Letting the reader do all the work for us Now that we have all the code, let the reader take care of all of the things.

Let them do their job.

Now that our code is ready to be loaded, let them type a few commands. Let this

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