Why does the world hate Christmas?


The most popular Christmas movie in Australia is the 1989 film Santa Claus and the Saint Nicholas, with a reported 1.7 billion ticket sales.

This year, it was the 2012 film Christmas Vacation that grabbed the most headlines.

In a nation of about 10 million people, Christmas Vacate has been the most-watched movie on television in the United States and Australia since Christmas in 2015.

That is a figure which the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) said had grown by more than 60 per cent since it premiered in November 2015.

“The Christmas Vacant has been an event in Australia since the early 1970s,” the ABC said in a statement.

The film was filmed in Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales and is about the titular character who lives in Santa’s sleigh, and who travels the country to visit the needy and those who are suffering.

It stars Robert Redford as the Santa Claus, and is one of the most popular movies of all time.

In Tasmania, the film’s most popular title is “Christmas Vacant”, according to the ABC.

The film was made in Tasmania in 1988, and has now been viewed more than 200 million times.

However, the most controversial Christmas Vacance was the 1981 film Santa’s Little Helper.

It featured the character, who is voiced by Paul McGann, who had been banned from entering Tasmania in the 1960s.

He had pleaded guilty to stealing a Christmas tree from the state fairgrounds in Hobart, which was subsequently removed.

Santa’s Little Helpers film, which also featured Redford, had been a big hit with children in Tasmania.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation spokesman David Young said the “Christmas” holiday had become the “most popular holiday in the country”, and was “an important part of Australia’s cultural identity”.

“As Australians celebrate our national holiday, we recognise the importance of the Christmas event to our country, as well as the many other cultural events that take place on our streets, in our towns and cities and in our communities,” he said.

New South Wales Premier Mike Baird said he did not think there was a problem with the “Santa Claus” movie, saying the “Holiday Vacant” title was “totally appropriate”.

Baird said that although the title “Santa’s” had been used in Tasmania before, the state had never banned the “Grammar Santa”.

The Premier said the state was not a “gigantic state”, with more than a million people on social media and over 50,000 Australians on holiday in Tasmania each year. ABC/AAP

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