Why do some people need to wear a face mask to avoid contracting Ebola?

The Australian Government is investigating whether a facial mask is required to avoid catching the deadly virus.

The Department of Health is looking at whether it would be better for people to wear one than not.

Health Minister Jill Hennessy said it was not up to her to decide which masks were needed.

“The Australian Government doesn’t have any power to decide whether or not to require a face covering in terms of prevention or in terms, prevention of transmission,” she said.

“It’s up to people to decide.”

Ms Hennessie said the masks were currently only available in one particular area in the world, but would be expanded to other areas.

“As soon as we get that data we’ll work through that and we’ll also work through the policy implications of those changes,” she told reporters.

Ms Hennessesy said she believed most people needed a face cover to protect against the virus.

“We know from experience that most people who wear a mask, or those who wear face coverings, will not become infected,” she explained.

“But if they do, they’re more likely to become symptomatic than symptomatic but with a face shield, you’re still protected.”

In the UK, the country’s Health Minister, Mark Harper, has said he does not believe there is a need to require facial masks to avoid the Ebola outbreak.

However, he has acknowledged that he believes people need a face-mask to protect themselves against other infections.

The Australian Federal Police is investigating the potential need for a face helmet.

The helmet is available for sale in the Australian market for between $15 and $20.

The AFP said it had received some reports of Australians being forced to wear the helmet after it was released, but did not know how many Australians had been forced to do so.

The Government is also looking into whether or how to prevent the spread of the virus, particularly among older people.

Health experts have warned that while there is no vaccine or cure for Ebola, it is possible to protect yourself from the virus by wearing a face protectors.


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