Why do Canadians like to see websites hosted in other countries?

Posted May 14, 2018 03:00:17 Canadian websites have long been a part of the Canadian identity.

But there’s a new trend emerging that’s changing how Canadians navigate online content, and could lead to some new headaches for the government.

The rise of third-party domains is giving websites a new lease on life, but it could also lead to more headaches for Canada.

“People are going to feel like there’s some kind of legitimacy to the way their websites look and feel,” said Matthew Roussel, a Toronto-based researcher who studies the impact of the third-parties on websites.

The term “third-party” refers to domains that are registered in another country, but have their own website and domain names.

These sites are generally considered legitimate.

The problem with these sites is that many of them don’t use a Canadian domain name, meaning they have no Canadian domain names or a unique URL, which means they can’t be accessed on the country’s official web browser.

Some of the domains are registered to other jurisdictions, like Russia, which could make it difficult for the U.S. government to block them.

“The US is the biggest threat to this, and they’re very aggressive in shutting down the domains,” said Roussell.

That’s because it takes two years for the domain name to expire, and some countries may not be able to prevent their citizens from visiting the domain.

So third- party domains have gained popularity over the past few years.

“It’s a really, really lucrative market.

They’re making a lot of money,” said Paul McQuaid, a lawyer at the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic who specializes in international privacy law.

It’s not just the domain names that are a big concern.

They also have a bad reputation.

Many people see them as a way for third- parties to get around censorship, especially in the United States.

A 2012 study by the University of Toronto’s Cyberlaw Clinic found that third- Party domains are frequently blocked by American law enforcement agencies.

The study also found that a number of third party domains were found to have a history of “malicious activity” and “misuse of domain names,” including hosting child pornography.

But the fact that Canadians are starting to turn to these sites for their own online content is a positive sign, said Roudssel.

He said it’s important for Canadians to understand that their online content and personal information will be protected by third parties.

“If we can get our country to protect our information online and our privacy online, that will mean that it can be shared more effectively,” he said.

That may mean Canadian companies and individuals have to learn how to use third-Party domains better.

“Third-Party websites have an important role in helping people get around the U

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