Why You Shouldn’t Buy ‘The Interview’ Now, Instead of Next Year

When Seth Rogen’s latest film The Interview comes out on December 14, you’ll be able to buy the movie, an original screenplay by Rogen, in digital format, and watch it on your phone or tablet.

It’s the most powerful movie-making tool ever made.

But you can’t actually watch it in theaters.

If you don’t have a home theater, the film will be viewed on a big screen in a movie theater.

It’ll also be available on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and other online video services.

This is bad news for people who love movies.

The Interview has a bad track record, and it has caused many theaters to close.

There’s nothing in the movie that you shouldn’t be able just to watch on your computer, even if you’re not a big movie buff.

But here’s the good news: You can still watch The Interview in theaters if you buy the digital version of the film on Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime Video, or other online streaming services.

It will only cost you $1.99.

That’s $1 a month for the film, so it’s not a huge chunk of change.

The reason you should not buy the film is that it’s bad.

I’ve spent the last two weeks looking at a variety of movie reviews, and the worst reviews are ones that make a ton of money for people and aren’t all that insightful.

But you should know that the movie is terrible from the get-go.

I want to start by saying that I think Seth Rodeo is a great director.

But the movie’s a mess.

I was shocked to see the review for “The Interview” by The Hollywood Reporter, a movie critic and former critic for the New York Times.

This was the reviewer’s third time seeing the movie and he was still not impressed.

The movie is a bad mess.

It begins with a small talk between two characters.

The first person, Lee Harvey Oswald, is portrayed as a very polite, down-to-earth, and normal American.

But then the scene cuts to the two men at the diner where Oswald meets Lee Harvey, and a moment later, the dialogue switches to Lee Harvey saying, “It’s time to start the countdown to World War III.”

The plot of the movie revolves around the question of whether or not the United States can survive World War II.

In the first draft of the screenplay, the question is posed as a rhetorical question.

In reality, the answer is yes, we can.

But that question is answered by a movie character, who has the appearance of being a man who would never kill anyone.

The plot of “The Final Cut” is the movie character’s response.

But in the end, when Lee Harvey says, “I’m gonna kill you all,” he doesn’t kill any people.

He just kills Oswald.

He tells Oswald to shoot him, to kill him, and then to kill himself.

This gives us an opportunity to see why the movie makes a lot of money.

It makes a ton.

The Hollywood Reporter critic even says that the scene where Lee Harvey shoots Oswald is “uncomfortable to watch,” and the plot “fails to feel believable.”

The reviewer says that it feels like a plot device for a plot that’s been set up in advance and has been set-up to fail.

The reviewer even says,In a movie, if a person is being shown a line that sounds bad, they might think that they are doing something wrong.

But if the line is “I will kill you,” that line sounds horrible.

So if you can watch a scene like this, that’s what the movie says.

But the movie also fails to have a coherent narrative.

Lee Harvey is the one who gives Oswald the order to kill his father, who is Lee Harvey’s grandfather.

This could have been a really interesting plot point if the movie had had a clear story.

Instead, the movie just ends with a scene that has no purpose at all.

The film’s writing is also a mess and doesn’t make much sense.

The movie has one sentence that says, Lee is Lee.

But it doesn’t say anything else.

The sentence is only there because the movie has the premise of a young man named Seth.

The entire film has this concept of a younger Seth and his grandfather, who are all of the characters.

But this concept has nothing to do with what Seth is or who he is.

There are no character development scenes.

In fact, the only thing that happens is the plot of a small movie.

And the plot in this movie is so poorly written that it doesn.

It never seems to have any kind of connection to the characters that we see in real life.

The plot in “The Last Interview” is also poorly written.

There is a scene where Seth and the other characters meet in the diner and there’s a

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