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Written by Dr. Paul C. Cogan, M.D. and Dr. John J. Travaglia, M., M.


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About the author:Dr. Paul Chen is a physician in private practice in San Francisco, California.

He is also a graduate student in Psychiatry at University of Pennsylvania and a clinical fellow in Psychiatry and Mental Health at Johns Hopkins University.

Dr. Cahan is a licensed psychiatrist in Los Angeles, California, and a board certified psychiatrist in New York City.

He has published more than 500 articles and book chapters.

His articles have been translated into more than 40 languages, including: German, French, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Portuguese-Brazilian, and Turkish.

Dr. Tivaglia is a psychiatrist in private practices in California, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Georgia-Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

He specializes in psychiatry and behavioral health.

He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Virginia.

He earned his master’s degree in clinical psychology from Columbia University and his doctoral degree in psychiatry from the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore.

Dr Cogan is the author of “The Power of the Mind,” published by Harvard University Press.

His latest book, “How to Be a Good Psychiatrist: What Doctors Really Know About Depression and Anxiety” was published by the University Press of Mississippi.

Dr Tivagglia is an assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University and a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

His research focuses on understanding the causes and treatments of depression and anxiety.

He teaches courses in clinical and research psychiatry at Northwestern, NewYork-Presbyterian, the University at Albany, and the University College London.

Dr Chen has authored and co-authored numerous articles and books on psychiatry, including “The Science of Mental Illness: The Psychology of the Brain and the Mind” (with Dr. Robert B. Putnam), “The Psychology of Antisocial Personality Disorder” (edited by Dr John B. Piazza and Dr Mark A. Langer), “Psychotherapy of Antichronic Illness” (published by the American Psychological Association), and “The Treatment of Psychotic Disorders” (a review of psychotherapy published by American Psychiatric Press).

Dr Cahan has authored “The Healing Power of Mind: Healing with the Body and Mind” and “How To Be a Healthy Psychiatrist” (available from Psychology Today).

Dr Cahan’s latest book is “How the Mind Works: A Practical Guide to the Mind and Body” (Simon & Schuster, 2014).

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