‘A lot of money is at stake’ in $2.3 million PHP sweepstakes

Thousands of PHP enthusiasts are in the market for a new WordPress theme.

The contest, which has attracted some $2 million in online contest entries, promises to be the biggest one yet. 

The contest promises to create “an entirely new theme for PHP and its ecosystem”, according to the contest’s website.

The theme is based on a theme from a recent contest, which was released in September.

It is called ‘Gift of the Gods’, and the contest description promises that “it will be a new, awesome theme, ready to be built on top of the best themes from the WordPress community”. The theme will be offered on Premium theme packs from ThemeForest and will include some of the most popular features in the WordPress ecosystem including a theme-specific plugin for editing files, automatic site-wide backup, and more.

The winner will be chosen on June 12.

The PHP theme contest is being held in partnership with ThemeForest, the hosting platform for the WordPress theme contest, and has attracted the interest of several big names in the online community.

The site has attracted a lot of traffic, with some users commenting on it as “the best contest I’ve ever seen”. 

The theme’s developers will have the opportunity to build the theme for free and then sell it for a premium, but will also have to pay for the hosting, hosting fees, and the hosting’s commission. 

“We want to get this right.

The best theme has to be good for us and for our customers,” developer Michael Pappas said in a statement.

“We want our customers to be happy with their WordPress theme and we want to keep them happy.” 

The winner will then have two weeks to design the theme, and it will be available for sale on ThemeForest. 

A winner’s prize will be announced at a later date. 

ThemeForest is one of the biggest theme hosting companies in the world, and they offer a wide variety of themes.

The contest’s creator has previously announced plans to use WordPress themes from popular theme developers such as ThemeForest to create themes for their own WordPress plugins, but they have been criticised for the amount of effort it takes to create a theme.

In addition to the theme contest there will also be a WordPress theme auction on  ThemeForest on June 14, with one winner to be announced that day.

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